Ministry: Controversial Industrial Metal Band release visualiser for even more controversial ‘Amerikkka’

Approved by Dead Kennedy’s Jello Biafra!MinistryAfter several headlining tours of Europe and North America with the likes of CHEALSEA WOLFE and DEATH GRIPS, MINISTRY will continue to support their critically acclaimed album AmeriKKKant with a full US tour this November / December. Joining the American industrial juggernaut are new wave of synthwave cessations CARPENTER BRUT. Today, the band has released a visualiser for the track ‘AmeriKKKa’ in anticipation for that tour

“So much great music has been inspired by MINISTRY – NINE INCH NAILS, MARILYN MANSON, ROB / WHITE ZOMBIE, KMFDM – RAMMSTEIN! Back full circle to MINISTRY’s own influences, like the reborn KILLING JOKE. But there’s still only one Al. No one really does this now except MINISTRY. Somehow, in spite of himself, the Hunter Thompson of Rock is still cranking out really good music and state of the art sound. Is it Trump? The world burning like Rome? I feel another trilogy coming on. This whole assault of an album really feels like it was made in a bunker, with you know who pacing all over his pillbox; half crazy to attack or be annihilated, just to get our whole Trumpamuck nightmare over with. Then what’s around the corner?”Jello Biafra

Produced by Al Jourgensen, recorded at Caribou Studios in Burbank, CA and with striking artwork created by Mister Sam Shearon, the psychedelic, politically influenced and very much in-your-face AmeriKKKant’s nine tracks are rooted in Jourgensen’s unadulterated anger for what he perceives as happening in America today: “the waning respect for the US Constitution, the growing acceptance of one’s opinions replacing facts, the decline of our leaders’ sense of morals, ethics and personal responsibility to the country and to their constituents, and the mad man in the White House.

Tell us how you really feel Al!

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