Nosound ‘Allow Yourself’ Review

Art prog goes EDM 7/10Nosound

Italian progressive rockers Nosound have chosen a new direction for their latest offering ‘Allow Yourself’ which could easily be a statement of intent. Frontman and creative mastermind Giancarlo Erra’s studio project has evolved from a solo affair to a five piece band and now lies closer to Kid A era Radiohead than Pink Floyd. Erra has stated that “Time has arrived for a radical change towards an alternative and electronic direction, being the music I have enjoyed the most in recent years.”

The metamorphosis is quite dramatic, but it is inclusive and should not alienate existing fans. The artist should be free to create without constraints and it is a strong message to ‘Allow Yourself’ not to conform to expectations.

“The idea behind the album is encased in the title “Allow Yourself”, something directed to the listener but was first of all directed to myself. After attempting to find my own way and leave behind early influences and categorisations, I realised I was afraid of committing to the full change I was chasing. I needed to put myself out of my comfort zone, which meant lots of studying and completely changing my studio and instrumentation. A truly deep change happened and I discovered that with uncertainty and insecurity, with limitations and uneasiness, a more varied and exciting creative process sparked.”

Nosound Oct
Predominantly recorded by Erra at his own studio, he was responsible for the writing, engineering, mixing, mastering and the artwork too to bring his creative vision to fruition. Nosound has succeeded in bringing forth a coherent message and a pleasant product. As a whole, the album is more Lo-fi and minimalistic with elements of collaborative projects such as U.N.K.L.E or the later 1 Giant Leap and their alt-rock/ trip hop ambient fusions.

Opening with Ego Drip an atmospheric spacey progressive trance track. Repetitive beats and vocal lines with intensely clever hooks, this new direction is intriguing.

The melancholy Shelter can be listened to here, the footage and visual concept entirely the work of Erra. Thematically it based on the ambivalence of relationships and the shelter offered and the shelter needed from some. Emotive and profoundly moving check it out:

Don’t you dare is a clever mix of classical strings and disco beats, Nosound have certainly dared to be different. At Peace is the rockiest of tracks with crashing cymbals and strings in a difficult to pigeonhole but succeeds in relaxing and disconcerting in a way similar to Spiritualized. The lyrics although simplistic are poetic:

I feel hollow
I’m at peace now
I feel light
as you fade away
And I feel happy
I feel empty now

This is melodic, pensive and pared back art rock with strong EDM influences. There are elements of Bowie’s Blackstar, PiL, Sigur Ros, Radiohead,  Spaceman 3 and Sneaker Pimps in this dreamy but disorienting affair. Allow Yourself the opportunity to open your mindNosound Allow Yourself

Allow Yourself tracklisting
1. Ego Drip [02:32]
2. Shelter [03:53]
3. Don’t You Dare [04:00]
4. My Drug [03:22]
5. Miracle [03:54]
6. This Night [04:30]
7. At Peace [03:12]
8. Growing In Me [03:23]
9. Saviour [02:45]
10. Weights [05:04]
11. Defy [02:06]

Allow Yourself is available in the following formats

  • LP –presented on audiophile 180g heavyweight ‘Crystal Clear’ vinyl in a reverse-board gatefold sleeve.
  • CD – presented in digipack reverse-board packaging with a 16-page booklet
  • Digital – available on all major download and streaming services, as well as select HD 24-bit download services, as both a standard mix and binaural mix.

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