Our Hollow, Our Home ‘In Moment // In Memory’ review

An emotional rollercoaster 8/10Our Hollow, Our Home

Our Hollow, Our Home return with their latest offering In Moment // In Memory set for release on October 19th through their own label, //Hollow Music.

The album is the personal journey of vocalist/ guitarist Tobias Young who sadly lost his father following a short but aggressive battle with cancer. This resulted in the expected senses of confusion, loss and vulnerability but as Tobias states

“As I journeyed through the varying stages of grief, with the help of my bandmates, I benchmarked my progress with songs about how I had felt, how I had learnt to deal with the situation and how I had to learn to keep on moving forward in a life without my father.”

Which is both inspirational and a record of perseverance, strength and a testimony to relationships. 

We really wanted this album to be something our listeners could turn to in a time of need. Just as writing these songs has helped me get through one of the most difficult periods of my life, it was equally as important to that it would be an honest and relatable listen, and we hope that this record will be a companion to anyone taking their own journey.” – Tobias Young

In Moment // In Memory is emotionally raw, heavy and melodic with a great balance of impassioned vocals and guttural pain from Tobias Young and Connor Hallissey. Expect powerful blast beats from Nicholas Taliadoros and bombastic breakdowns.  This is metalcore with a hint of the great aspects of nu metal and is a tight and unrelenting audio assault.

The album commences with //Denial an introductory spoken word piece which sets the mood of the opening tracks, as it contemplates grief .  In Moment is a fast paced display of melodic metalcore with a fist pumping chorus which leads to Disconnect a more atmospheric song again with very catchy chorus.  //Anger is the first of four instrumental pieces which intersperses this album, these, like the introductory piece set the tone and emotional resonance of the tracks to come in a gentle but poignant reminder of the inspiration for this album. //Anger is effectively a segue into a disconcertingly raw snapshot of rage Love Loss is a bouncing dance floor filler, which twists and changes keeping the listener on their toes. Wraiths is a blisteringly high energy circle pit starter, Weight & Carriage is more uplifting, while Divisions (The Exchange) brings a sense of euphoria. The emotionally charged Speak of Sorrow with its rousing chorus leads into the poignant but heavy Father & Ghost. We enter into the final ‘act’ of the album in the Parting Gift a beautifully written and delivered ballad which draws the album to its concluding track In Memory a positively upbeat reflection on what has transpired in the form of an arena worthy anthem.

With its conceptual segues and belting tracks this is a very well-produced wall of sound.

If you would like to catch Our Hollow, Our Home live you can catch them at ‘Holloween’, their self-curated multi line up event on Saturday, October 27th at The 1865 in their hometown of Southampton. Tier 1 tickets priced £12 and limited ticket and event t-shirt bundles priced £25 are available now only from www.ourhollowourhome.com  Don’t miss out!
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Track Listing:
1.    //Denial
2.    In Moment
3.    Disconnect
4.    //Anger
5.    Love Loss
6.    Wraiths
7.    //Bargaining
8.    Weight & Carriage
9.    Divisions (The Exchange)
10.    //Depression
11.    Speak of Sorrow
12.    Father & Ghost
13.    //Acceptance
14.    Parting Gift
15.    In Memory

Pre-orders are available now on iTunes and Spotify as well as a number of exclusive album bundle deals over at www.ourhollowourhome.com