Palaye Royale and Black Futures Live Review 17/6/19 London Borderline

PALAYE ROYALE had the best of intentions with their intimate London gig for charity, and it was ALMOST Ma Chérie, but some mishaps left us feeling like we were Dying In A Hot Tub. 7/10

With doors opening over 45 minutes later than advertised, it wasn’t the best start to the show but hopes were high as The Borderline’s 300-person capacity filled fast. Anticipating the first band eagerly, BLACK FUTURES, a band I knew very little about until meeting a friend of the band whilst queuing. Recently signed by Sony and hailing from London, these guys sounded like they’d be a blast!

Black Futures animated image showing one of the band's dancers wearing a white HAZMAT suit dancing.

It started promisingly, with two men dressed in white forensic science suits adorned with the BLACK FUTURES logo taking the stage, an alarming ringing begins, eerily reminiscent of a nuclear bomb alarm, it sets the atmosphere right off the bat as the suited up men begin to wave large flags over the crowd. Finally, the frontmen of BLACK FUTURES take to the stage, known as SPACE & VIBES, and a 30 second countdown begins.  It finally feels like all the build up is coming to it’s climax, only to be cut short by technical issues. The show begins an hour late, but when BLACK FUTURES finally perform it’s a mixture of punk, screamo and heavy hitting instrumentals, the suited up men’s dancing along certainly added an extremely entertaining aspect to their set, one crowd surfing to the back at one point. I extremely enjoyed these guys, and was surprised by the crowd’s lack of reaction, perhaps impatient due to the technical issues, and many being there solely for PALAYE ROYALE, I think BLACK FUTURES were severely unappreciated and I’d like to see them in the future under better circumstances, especially after their recent success playing Download Festival.

Palaye Royale live colour photo. Remington Leith leans over the crowd while singing. In the background Sebastian Danzig plays guitar.

Before PALAYE ROYALE took to the stage for their long anticipated set, a representative from Nordoff Robbins, the Music Therapy Charity that this show was raising funds for, came on stage to thank everyone for their contributions and support, before welcoming PALAYE ROYALE on stage. Clad in 90% white outfits, a stark contrast against what is expected at a rock gig, but still they looked very rock’n’roll, and when they began playing, the aesthetic matched their sound. The crowd is the most enthusiastic I’ve seen in a long time, but they’re also the youngest crowd I’ve ever seen at a gig, which may have some correlation. It’s admirable considering how hot and sticky the cramped room is, band and fans alike are drenched with sweat by the third song but still the band’s energy fails to falter. Lead vocalist Remmington oozes charisma throughout, at one point, much to the fan’s joy, he rids himself of his white shirts and continues to set topless, no surprise due to the almost unbearable heat that was contained in the packed out venue.

Black and white image of Palaye Royale guitarist Sebastian Danzig playing while looking intensely into the camera while the hands of fans reach up towards him

Vocals and instrumentals are on point throughout the night, with hits such as ‘Mr Doctor Man’ and ‘Dying in a Hot Tub’ being musical highlights, although the technical issues, lack of air con and lateness of doors do knock points off. 7/10.

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