The Parasitic Twins release their debut single, ‘Massive’

Listen to Hull’s lo-fi noisemongers The Parasitic Twins’ first single Massive.

The Parasitic Twins

Ripping a page from the Killing Joke school of lo-fi noise, then setting it on fire via the way of Today Is The Day and Godflesh, Hull’s scariest kids, The Parasitic Twins are gearing up to unleash their debut EP; the furious ‘All That’s Left To Do Now Is Sleep With Each Other‘ on October 26th. Recorded live and raw, at Melrose Yard Studios in York, the hardcore duo, made up by guitarist/vocalist Max Watt (Rotting Monarchs) and drummer Dom Smith (Mary and The Ram), have performed together previously as part of Seep Away and was born of a desire to create the most abrasive sound they could.

Discussing their debut single, Massive, Watt had this to say: “It’s about that mental sense of abandon that comes once in a while and turns our lives into ash. Temporarily, of course. Everyone’s been in that place where long term plans and prospects just become irrelevant and all you can focus on is immediate day to day shit, and one day you wake up and think “Goddamn, what was all that noise about?” At the time it’s huge but with time just becomes a notch in your past, then you gotta make the reparations, and push all that negative shit to the back.”

Hammered into the raw aggression like a nail into splintered wood is a youthful rage desperate to be heard. Taking comfortable influence from the late 90s sludge scene, the track Flipswitch borrows from the Raging Speedhorn school of vocal ferocity while End wraps a chain around the Biohazard-esque bouncy hardcore and throws it on the heap. Making ATLTDNISWEO a white-hot blast of crusty oblivion, perfect for fans of low end, aggro-punk. Listen to at wielding volume.

Tour dates:

Date City Venue
September 14, 2018 Leeds New Wortley Community Association
October 12, 2018 Hull O’Rileys
October 14, 2018 York The Fulford Arms

You can follow The Parastic Twins on Twitter and check out Massive below.