Pitchshifter Upload Unreleased Track ‘Apply Yourself’

Pitchshifter celebrate Facebook milestone with unreleased song

Pitchshifter Apply Yourself

Nottingham’s Pitchshifter have seen a recent resurgence after announcing a reunion tour for next month, so much so that the band have dug out an unfinished demo track.  The song Apply Yourself was released to mark the milestone of the band’s Facebook page reaching 6,666 likes and is available on Bandcamp to stream for free or to buy for only £1.

Pitchshifter were an early industrial band, their first album Industrial seeing release in 1990. In 1993 the band received significant airplay on MTV thanks to the song Triad and their appearance at the 1995 Phoenix Festival had to be stopped after fans rushed onto the stage.

In 1998 the band went Platinum thanks to the massive hit Genius, which was followed by another hit in the form of Microwaved. Unfortunately the band made a mis-step with 2000’s Deviant which featured a caricature of The Pope on the cover, resulting in the album being banned in Poland and criticism from some Christian fans. The image was actually the third choice for the album cover as label MCA weren’t comfortable with the first two the band submitted. One of the album’s main songs was titled ‘Everything’s Fucked’ which had to be edited to ‘Everything Sucks’ for radio play. While the album was generally positively received, it sold only half the number of copies that the previous album www.pitchshifter.com had leading to the band leaving MCA.

After releasing PSI in 2003 Pitchshifter went on hiatus and while they have toured in the interim years no new album has materialised despite the band returning to the studio in 2009 and 2011.

Since the announcement of their reunion tour Pitchshifter have started to gain momentum, helped by them releasing unfinished demos over the last three weeks. Could we finally see that new album?

Pitchshifter head out on tour next month, you can catch them at any of the following dates:

19/11/18 Portsmouth – Wedgewood Rooms
20/11/18 Manchester – Manchester Academy 3
21/11/18 Bristol – SWX
22/11/18 London – The Garage
24/11/18 Nottingham – Rock City