Possessed – Revelations Of Oblivion review

Rapturous, old school death metal 10/10

Formed in 1983, Possessed are often heralded as the very first death metal band. Now casually referred to as ‘Old School’ death metal, they bridged the chasm between thrash an something considerably darker. Their debut album Seven Churches (1985) has been cited as an influence on Death (who followed with their debut Scream Bloody Gore in 1987), Sepultura, Deicide, Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse among others. It has been over three decades since their second album release Beyond The Gates (1986) and the Joe Satriani produced EP The Eyes Of Horror which followed. Although a further EP was released 06/06/06, this is the first new material from Possessed following their initial split in 1987 and the shooting of vocalist Jeff Becerra which left him wheelchair bound.

Returning, with a new line-up comprising of Daniel Gonzalez on guitar (Nailshitter, Gruesome), Claudeous Creamer -guitars (Dragonlord, Serpent, Girth), Robert Cardenas on bass guitar (Coffin Texts, Masters of Metal, Agent Steel, Malice, Engrave), and Emilio Marquez (Brainstorm, Sadistic Intent, Engrave, Brujeria) on drums. Becerra has written the majority of the album with Gonzalez to bring Possessed into the future.

Times have changed, many bands have lost the brutal energy that commanded such attention moons ago. Despite still having a bullet lodged in vertebra T3, Becerra is still metal. Literally, more so!

This album from start to release has been a fantastic experience. All of us in Possessed hope you enjoy this newest release and we look forward to touring and creating much more new music in the future. We appreciate all of your support and dedication.Hope to see you during our upcoming tours & shows soon. Thank you to each and every one of you for your inspiration and dedication to Possessed.

Chant Of Oblivion commences our Revelations of Oblivion, with the lonesome, cold chimes of a church bell summoning before a distorted incantation and the grand sounds of a 70’s horror movie set the scene. No More Room In Hell was the first single released and its gloriously slab of old-school metal. Fast paced, intense and describing  a hell on earth where there is no more God, Satan, or afterlife to discern right from wrong. We are left with only the leftovers of humanity existing in torture and plague. It sounds like a great place to be and it rips! Powerful, fun and intense, you can check it out here

Dominion is more of a speedy thrash number and Becerra’s voice drops with further menace and frenetic riffing. Damned continues with the high energy darkness and unbridled catchy guitarwork. Please do listen up death metal fakers, this is what you should be aspiring to! Talent abounds along with malice. Doomier, sludgier but no less intense Demon is a marvel of rhythmical changes and sheer class. Abandoned ups the pace deliciously, deliriously. Shadowcult despite its eerie introduction continues to generate unhinged, exhilarating euphoria while Omen is a slower paced, more moody and atmospherically heavy track. The longest song on the album, running at over six and a half minutes, it is captivating. Delightfully dark, Ritual is ferocious, focusing on religion and hatred in a blackened hymn.  The Word concerns itself with a loss of religion and the reaction of humanity in the absence of boundaries and we are back into thrashier territories for it!. Graven with its spacey effects and more gutturally roared vocals is a splendid end to a beast of an album before the gentle outro of The Temple Of Samael.

Quite simply, this is bloody marvellous. Channelling the old-school vibe of Possessed; but with superb modern production that allows the musicianship and skills of all involved to shine. Metal, how it should be!

Revelations of Oblivion is released May 9th and can be purchased via Amazon here


Chant Of Oblivion
No More Room In Hell
The Word
The Temple Of Samael