Review: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (with Blood Ceremony) – The Globe, Cardiff

Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats, with support from Blood Ceremony, rocked Cardiff’s Globe last Thursday night. 10/10

The Globe, Cardiff has always been a most excellent place to enjoy a live gig. Last Thursday night, Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats were no exception.

Support act Blood Ceremony – seemingly a gore metal Jethro Tull or probably more accurately, “flute-tinged witch rock”*, successfully rallied the crowd. A mix of over-enthusiastic flute and searing vocals from fully PVC clad lead singer Alia O’Brien led the way, accompanied by roaring riffs from the rest of the band. While Blood Ceremony seemingly split critics as to their musical value, the crowd were well engaged in the set. Although flutes in metal tend to grate, and the lyrics reminiscent of outtakes from Lord of the Rings, the band put on a decent show. Perhaps mismatched with the main event, none the less Blood Ceremony brought their set to a whomping close.

Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats Band

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats brand of noise making summoned the spirit of Neil Young, whilst unleashing their unique blend of melodic, horrific, heaviness onto a receptive crowd.

The band’s circulating rhythmic drumming and equally explosive bass create the essential framework for this band’s own brand of 1960’s Noir inspired Horror Rock.

The range of band t-shirts adorning audience members gives an inkling of the group’s wide appeal. Representation ranged from Swansea legends Prosperina to Black Metallers Beherit and many others in between. The audience was rightly enthusiastic. Uncle Acid brought the noise. The vocal range of Kevin Starr, combined with solid guitar solos and stalwart performances from this tight-knit band, backed with undulating visuals, in such a small venue, created one of the best gigs to hit the Welsh Capital in years.


*Last FM bio