Savage Messiah Album Launch With Support From Deever

Savage Messiah’s second of three album launch intimate shows gets a 10/10

Words and photographs (c) Rebecca Bush

Tonight I’m in one of Camden’s most intimate venues – Camden Assembly, for London based Savage Messiah‘s second of three album launch shows. 

Joining them tonight all the way from the North East are recently formed band Deever , fresh from the release of their debut album ‘You Need This‘ which has received much praise from the likes of Planet Rock, Kerrang!, and Powerplay, they take the stage tonight and its immediately obvious why!

Photo of Deever Singer Billy Taylor playing guitar with lights behind him
Deever Singer Billy Taylor

Playing 8 tracks from said album showcasing why you do indeed need this. These guys are rock and roll through and through, instantly getting the audience moving as they launch into opener ‘Alright‘ a fast paced, hard hitting, fist full of attitude of a song that you can’t help but nod your head to at the very least. The whole band are high energy and perfectly feed off each other. Singer Billy Taylor oozes rock star vibes – his vocals, although clean and sharp have a gritty undertone to them that gives the songs that extra bite. Third song of the night ‘Fire At Will‘ is giving me strong Muse vibes , anthemic and melodic with punchy guitar riffs and a heavy beat it’s definitely a highlight of the set. Guitarist and backing vocalist Stevie Stoker has some serious skills and his vocals are a perfect compliment to Billy’s and really add to the vibe. Phil Appleton plays a mean bass and he and Billy often play off each other keeping the entertainment value high with their animated performances, working the stage and fully engaging the crowd. Drummer Dan Higgins ties all of this together perfectly with his fierce and high powered execution – a real machine of a drummer (pun not intended!) who holds nothing back and just lets loose completely. They get the crowd riled up nicely.

The whole set is immaculately delivered – these guys mean business – the business of pure Rock and Roll! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more shows and you should too!

Deever Set List

  1. Alright
  2. We Are
  3. Fire At Will
  4. Jim
  5. All Come Running
  6. Waves
  7. Only Enemy 
  8. I Am The Cavalry 

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Tonight’s headliners Savage Messiah  are bringing us new material tonight to celebrate the imminent launch of fifth studio Album ‘Demons‘ and serving as warm up shows for their tour with Symphony X which begins just days after. 

It’s exciting to see these thrash legends in such an intimate setting and definitely well worth the squeeze!!  The room is more than ready for this! Taking to the stage with not one , not two but three new additions to their line up in the form of David Hruska on Guitar and backing vocals , Charly Carreton on drums and surprisingly fittingly Carlos Alcalde on Keyboard. You may think that keyboards and thrash don’t mix but you’d be mistaken. The added level just elevates their music and gives it a whole new dimension. Dave Silver explains that Carlos’ presence is due to the inclusion of a large amount of keyboard on the new album and it is definitely a tasty extra.

David Silver of Savage Messiah onstage playing guitar with his mouth open
David Silver of Savage Messiah

Tonight the band are on top form, playing at full throttle straight from the off and the chemistry is immense. David Hruska has such an awesome stage presence , and his playing is something to marvel at. He is high energy and crazy talented and the crowd are loving it with practically the whole room becoming the pit. David Silver’s vocals have impressive range and the songs really do mesh several different metal aspects together culminating in a sound all their own and setting them apart and streets ahead in their field. They power through their set with a real ferocity that its clearly completely infectious as the crowd stay there with them the entire time. The atmosphere is that of an arena show but extremely concentrated and it’s unlike anything I’ve experienced before, the music checks all the boxes and more, blistering guitar licks and intricate solos, melodic yet gutsy and powerful vocals , full bodied heavy drums and a killer bass line – not forgetting of course the added flavour that kicks it up that notch – the keyboards!

There’s a nice chunk of the new album to really get your teeth into tonight and to show you just how massively the band have stepped up their game, its extremely well crafted and a real credit to the hard work that has obviously gone into it. Real stand out tracks include ‘Heretic in the Modern World‘ and first single from the album ‘Down and Out‘. Stopping momentarily to speak to the crowd there is a slight change of pace for track ‘What Dreams May Come‘ which David Silver explains is about the worry we face as parents as to what would happen to our children should anything happen to us , this struck a chord and added yet another facet to their style, it was a well placed moment in a  faultless and well thought out show. 

I think I can speak for everyone in the room when I say that this has well and truly whetted our appetites for the album’s release! 10/10

Savage Messiah Set List 

  1. Blood Red Road
  2. Virtue Signal
  3. Heretic in the Modern World 
  4. Cross of Babylon
  5. Zero Hour 
  6. The Bitter Truth 
  7. Under No Illusions
  8. The Lights Are Going Out 
  9. Down and Out
  10. Scavengers of Mercy 
  11. Hands of Fate 
  12. What Dreams May Come 
  13. The Fateful Dark 
  14. Minority of One 
  15. Parachute 
  16. Iconocaust 

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