Scream Blue Murder – Rock Bottom review

Artistically focused, with unusual elements and hidden depths from the party-core enthusiasts. 7.5/10Scream Blue Murder band

Hailing from Coventry, Scream Blue Murder are back and shouting the release of their second album  Rock Bottom. Continuing on from their debut success Hollow Stories (2016) also released on through Stay Sick Recordings, where Scream Blue Murder are currently one of only two UK bands signed to the label.

With a more polished sound and improved musicianship the band has matured without losing their enthusiasm and party worthiness. Metalcore with a hint of pop punk, great riffs and better hooks and frontman Aaron Bloomer states:

“We are so excited to show everybody what we have been working on for the past year! This album really shows the direction the band is going. We can’t wait to see your faces screaming it back at us on the road later this year.”

Opening with Death Sentence  and what initially seems like an uninspired track changes tack rapidly, incorporating a multitude of styles without seeming confused. We’re just numbers in a system Bloomer sings, while desperately trying to stand tall and be counted. A pounding rhythm, expertly constructed bridges and an intrinsically catchy body that succeeds in being both heavy and melodic. My interest was piqued.  Inside continues in a similar vein, but a bit more shouty and aggressive.

Rock Bottom 
the title track is electronica influenced, with an incredible level of production elevate this mid-paced lament that is strong on melody, but fairly lightweight in terms of metal.  Bury me  was released last month and continues the new-wave ambience of the previous track but with greater power and impact. More pensive and with a darker inflection, first single Light It Up first single is upbeat, catchy and  danceable fun. I have no doubt in the words  There’s no limits We’re rising higher You can’t put out our fire. Check out the video of Light It Up here

The Void 
is feistier, faster paced but with the synth elements still strong in a tasty and accessible track.

The Anchor
follows on neatly, with its gang style chorusing, thunderous percussion and great riffs. Friends Like Judas bounces with ferocity and beefy bass led groove. For friends that can’t wait to see you fall.

Over The Line is chunky without being clunky, gruff vocals with thrashier and almost gothic industrial influences converge with nu-metal, metalcore and rap-metal without sounding forced. The ultimate track Victims Of Violence is the most unrelenting of openings, which still finds time for an unexpected keyboard bridge!

Artistically focused with a growing maturity and the inclusion of many unexpected elements; Scream Blue Murder could well be the pioneers of party-core music!

Scream Blue Murder Album Cover

Rock Bottom Tracklisting

  1. Death Sentence
  2. Inside
  3. Rock Bottom
  4. Bury me
  5. Light It Up
  6. The Void
  7. The Anchor
  8. Friends Like Judas
  9. Over The Line
  10. Victims Of Violence

UK and EU pre-orders for Rock Bottom can be made through Scream Blue Murder’s official webstore, where there are a variety of bundles available.

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