Sigh share bizarre new animated video for ‘Homo Homini Lupus’

Featuring guest vocals by Phil Anselmo (Pantera)Sigh

Homo Homini Lupus” was the first track to be recently revealed from Sigh’s upcoming album Heir to Despair”. Now the band have shared the bizarre new video for the song, which also features guest vocals from Phil Anselmo. Vocalist Mirai Kawashima comments, 
“This truly disturbing video was done by Costing Chioreanu, who did the artwork for our previous album “Graveward”.  I just told Costin what the song was about, and he interpreted it in his own way.  He has made a few videos for Sigh before, so I was 100% sure that he would know what kind of feel I wanted for “Homo Homini Lupus”, but this one exceeds my expectation so much. This is so disturbing that whenever I see it, it makes me feel VERY uneasy…
Homo Homini Lupus” is one of the fastest and the simplest tracks on “Heir to Despair“. Don’t expect other songs to sound like this. “Homo Homini Lupus” means “Man is wolf to man” in Latin. Thomas Hobbes referred to this verb to describe how men would act in the state of nature before we were civilized. The world shown in “The Walking Dead” series should be the best example of what we truly are. Men become wolves, or should I say men are wolves in their real nature. Look what our ancestors did during the wartime! Look what our ancestors did during famine! We have own wolves inside.”
Watch the video now
“Heir to Despair” is the 11th studio album by Sigh set for release on 16th November (Candlelight Records). 
What the band describes with this album is the world through the eyes of madness. Yes, the album is about insanity. Music on the album is varied as a mad man’s thoughts. It starts with psychedelic and exotic “Aletheia” but the following “Homo Homini Lupus” is rather a straightforward thrashy song with the typical Sigh twist. “In Memories Delusional” is a brutal tune with heavy Asian touches, which must be an new experience for everybody, while “Heresy Trilogy” is the representation of pure madness and insanity with lots of crazy stuff going on, which has nothing to do with metal at all. The album ends with the title track, which is a 10 minutes long progressive epic song.
It should be nothing surprising for Sigh fans, but the album got everything from extreme metal, 60’s / 70’s rock, jazz, classical, world music, dub, and noise. The music styles it covers are as wide as the world through the eyes of madness.
Also “Heir to Despair” can be taken as Sigh‘s first attempt to intentionally take in Japanese / Asian musical feel. Mirai used some Japanese traditional singing techniques and the ex-Estradasphere Shamisen (the Japanese traditional instrument) master, Kevin Kmetz is featured on several songs. Moreover, 90% of the lyrics are in Japanese, which never happened on the past Sigh albums. 
The album was mixed by a Canadian engineer, Phil Anderson, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum, who has worked with a lot of great artists such as Faith No More, Yes and Yngwie Malmsteen to name a few. Phil and Maor have a perfect combination and they have worked together on many projects. Thanks to them, “Heir to Despair” turned out the heaviest Sigh album.
Sigh cover
Heir to Despair” is available to pre-order now –


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