Skid Row To Release New Album This Year

New Skid Row album  to be released in 2019 after band sign with Golden Robot Records

Photo of Skid Row. The band are in an old style room with a bookcase, tables and chairs. Two of the band members sit at a table making sticks of dynamite. Another member is throwing playing cards. A fourth member is sitting at a second table playing Five Finger Fillet (a game where you stab in between your fingers in a particular order with a knife). The last member of Skid Row stands with the skeleton of a dog on a leash.

Skid Row have announced they will be releasing a brand new album this year, their first to feature singer ZP Theart. Skid Row have signed a worldwide deal with Golden Robot Records who have been on a signing spree lately.

Skid Row bassist, Rachel Bolan said of their signing:

We are beyond excited to announce that we have signed with Golden Robot Records. The label is the perfect balance between old-school way of thinking with digital age sensibilities. We can think of no better company to release our third chapter of United World Rebellion and our first record with ZP

The band are currently in the studio recording the third in their United World Rebellion EP series and it will be released via Golden Robot Records in late 2019.

Skid Row will be playing in Europe throughout June and July appearing on festivals including Bang Your Head and Rockhard in Germany, Download in the UK, Norway Rock, Sweden Rock and more.

Golden Robot Records have this year signed John Sykes, Gilby Clarke, Trope and Skid Row, adding to their quickly growing roster which includes Kings X, Little Caesar, Hookers & Blow and upcoming superstars The Lazys.

Skid Row exploded onto the scene in 1988 with their self titled debut album which went platinum 5 times thanks to their association with Jon Bon Jovi. Their follow up album Slave to the Grind was also a huge success in 1992, going double platinum in the US. Skid Row attempted to wait out the grunge scene and released Subhuman Race in 1995 and while it was a mild success it paled to the previous albums. The next year ended the band’s peak success when lead singer Sebastian Bach quit the band after a dispute with Rachel Bolan. Bach had booked Skid Row to open for KISS while Bolan felt that they were too big to open for anyone. Since then Skid Row have taken long breaks between releases but concentrated recently on releasing EPs in a quicker succession to have a regular flow of new music.

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