Tankard launch yeast into space for creation of ‘space beer’

Yes this story is real – Tankard have helped launch yeast into space with the German Aerospace Center

Photo of Tankard sat at a bar drinking beer

Through its history, rock and metal has had its share of crazy stories – Ozzy biting heads off flying creatures, Glen Benton branding an inverted crucifix into his head, Motley Crue drinking stories, anything related to Varg Vikernes and now we have a new one. German metallers Tankard have  been involved in sending a yeast into space which will be used to create a ‘space beer’.

On June 13th a rocket was launched by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) containing 10 experiments including one containing some small vials of liquid yeast from the wine region of Palatina in southern Germany. Members from the DLR, the Weincampus Neustadt and the BierProjekt Landau want to investigate whether the yeast will still be alive and working after the ordeal of the flight, having endured a period of weightlessness.

The research is tied into plans for flights to Mars. The vitamin B12 is a vital requirement for humans and is found in nuts and animal meat; two products that wouldn’t be practical to transport on a flight taking six to eight months.

If we want to go to Mars, we have to pack everything we need to survive for eternity. For such a long flight, there is no umbilical cord with supply flights as there is with the ISS.Jens Hauslage from DLR stated.

The hope is that the yeast can play a part in the process as yeast can be fortified with B12.

The wine and beer specialists from Palatina will determine if the yeast is still viable post-flight – the yeast will be returned to wine barrels and beer kegs, back where it feels most at home. “If the yeast then manages to cope with normal fermentation without abnormalities, that is the first good sign. Thereafter, further steps can be initiated.” explains Dr. Rex from the wine campus. One part of the yeast will make wine, another part will make beer – both not commercial, but only for research purposes. “That’s how it clicked for us, with what Tankard sang many years ago – a real spacebeer!” says Dominik Rödel from the BierProjekt.

Tankard signed the plastic tube that housed the experiment. “We are very curious to see what the outcome is. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, good luck and cheers!” Commented Andreas “Gerre” Geremia, singer and frontman of the cult band, hoping that there will be a few bottles of space beer to try in due course…

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