Technical Death Metal Icons Gorod Reveal Drum Recording Video

New Full-Length Album, Aethra, out October 19, 2018 via Overpowered RecordsGorod

Technical metal icons GOROD recently announced their upcoming 10-track album, Aethra, set to be released on October 19, 2018 via their new international label,Overpowered Records. The album is available to pre-order digitally and in several physical formats via Overpowered Records’ merchandise site.
Today, GOROD revealed a brand new drum recording video featuring drummer Karol Diers. Watch the video and read all about Karol’s recording process on Aethra via Modern Drummer:

Karol tells Modern Drummer:
“This studio recording was a crazy challenge for me because I was actually composing my own patterns and fills during the tracking sessions. Mathieu, the main composer of GOROD, finished writing the last song of the whole album less than one week before I started recording drums!”

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