The Darkness announce ‘Easter Is Cancelled’

New album out October 4th

The Darkness

The Darkness have sent us an email so weird and wonderful that we’re actually going to copy and paste it because it’s a thing of mental beauty that deserves to be appreciated.

In the Year of Our Lord, 2019, while turmoil and chaos beset the world, a mighty force is about to be unleashed. As the spartan time of Lent unfolds, and society looks set to implode, it’s time to put away your chocolate eggs, say goodbye to the festive bunny and prepare for the sonic apocalypse… for Darkness spreads across the land!
As joyous warriors here to prick the pompous and kick the arses of those who seek to destroy us, four maestros embark upon their most ambitious quest to date. With a musical opus of veritable magnum status soon to be thrust into the ear canals of rock fans around the globe, and a tour that will quite literally resurrect the souls of all who attend, The Darkness have a message for citizens of the world everywhere!
We are men in tight costumes, ready to fight the power-drunk clowns who cast a shadow of despair across the land. We will not be gagged by the reeking stench of pious indifference that pours from the orifices of these clown-lords.
Watch the unique State of the Nation address as our heroes emerge from the bucolic English countryside to announce that Easter is cancelled! Cometh the hour, cometh the band…
So now, people of the world, it is time join The Darkness in their mission to take back control from the fools and liars who purport to lead us, and instead march forwards into the sunlit uplands of inclusivity, togetherness and rock’n’roll fellowship.

Easter Is Cancelled is released on the 4th of October but the pre-order has already opened on the band’s site with a somewhat bizarre offer which we’ll let The Darkness explain:

[One] of the exclusive items available within special fan bundles is a strictly limited edition T-shirt featuring Justin Hawkins as an Easter Bunny. If ordered before April 16th it will be delivered to UK addresses in time to be a very Good Friday gift! And for fans in farther corners of the planet, it will make a magnificent May Day present. Remember a bunny is for life, not just for Easter!

Full tour dates will be revealed next week and go on general sale on Friday 12th April, but fans who pre-order the album will receive an exclusive link to an advance pre-sale of tour tickets.

Easter is Cancelled will be released digitally,  as a standard CD, digipak CD with bonus tracks, gatefold LP, limited edition colour vinyl gatefold LP and Cassette.

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