The Fallen State’s Dan Oke Undergoes Surgery For Lung Cancer

The Fallen State’s guitarist Dan Oke has two thirds of one lung removed

Photo of The Fallen States guitarist Dan Oke in a hospital bed with oxygen tubes in his nose giving a thumbs up sign.

The Fallen State‘s guitarist Dan Oke has today undergone surgery to remove two thirds of one of his lungs in order to remove a tumour.  Oke posted on the band’s Facebook this morning before surgery to announce his condition and that he’d be having the operation, writing:

A Message From Dan 🎸

As some of you maybe aware, I was quite poorly on our last tour with Pop Evil with Pneumonia. I was given multiple courses of antibiotics, but nothing shifted the illness. I went to the hospital when returning, and endured many tests over the next coming weeks.

They have told me I have a tumour on my right lung, which looks like Lung Cancer. At 29 years old, and have never smoked in my life, this has come as a massive shock to us all.

Today, I start my journey to kicking this tumours ass. I have a life changing operation to remove possibly my whole right lung and I have a long road ahead of me.

But, I’m ready to fight 🤜🏻

I wanted to let you all know, because you’ve all been incredibly supportive of our new album, and all been very patient in waiting for us to drop tour dates, this is why we currently haven’t.

For the commitments we currently have over the next few months, I’ll be temporarily stepping away from the band whilst I recover. The lads will still play these shows and have my complete support in giving you a great show as always

See you on the other side, 
Dan 🤘🏻

Eight hours later the post was updated by Dan’s fiancé, Lauren

Message From Lauren, Dans Fiancé

Firstly – Thank you all so much, I’ve been absolutely gobsmacked with the amount of love and well wishes we have received today

Update for you all;
Dan is out of recovery. They’ve removed 2/3rds of his lung and hopefully ALL of the cancer..


All here at The Metal Report wish Dan the very best in his recovery.