The Spirit release music video for ‘Illuminate The Night Sky’

Watch it hereThe Spirit

Although The Spirit’s black/death fog has barely left the stages of the extensive ‘Death… Is Just The Beginning‘ European tour that the band recently concluded with HYPOCRISY and KATAKLYSM, a new chapter is already being scripted. While the quartet from Saarbrücken is currently working on new songs for their sophomore full-length release, the band is now set to unleash a new official video from their debut album Sounds From The Vortex’, released in August 2018.

The Spirit‘s new music video for Illuminate the Night Sky depicts the live energy of several different shows from the latest tour and can be watched here:

The critically acclaimed ‘Sounds From The Vortex was re-released through Nuclear Blast on August 10th and can be ordered hereThe Spirit Sounds from the Vortex

With their melodic black/death metal, The Spirit are reviving the past of the genre and have already made waves in the European underground scene last year, when they released their debut album Sounds From The Vortex’ completely by themselves. As the first pressing sold out quickly, the band reissued their seven icy tracks through Nuclear Blast on August 10th and played several release shows at the legendary Party.San and Summer Breeze, before embarking on the Death… Is Just The Beginning tour this autumn.

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