The Uncharted – Perspectives Review

How is this band not signed? 9.5/10

The Uncharted

I wasn’t very excited about reviewing this album as I’d had a brief listen to The Uncharted recently and they struck me as ‘just another screamy band’ but that opinion quickly changed. The seven piece band are unsigned and Perspectives is self released, though you’d never know it as it’s incredibly well produced and the band sound like a million pounds. Take note unsigned bands – Daniel Kerr of Avenue Studios is someone to work with. The Uncharted are a prog metal band who have huge heavy riffs with sweet melodies but their strength lies in the dual vocalists – Arron Carter and Peter Lee.

Lee’s guttural vocals, like vintage Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage, are contrasted by Carter who is at the other end of the spectrum with a voice that is a cross between Mike Patton and the high notes of Helloween‘s Michael Kiske. The difference between the two is stark and a change from having one vocalist handling both sets of vocals. Playing off the interplay between the two, the band shift gears between complimenting the two with heavy riffs behind heavy vocals and lighter melodies behind the lighter vocals only to switch around. It’s an incredibly effective recipe that is pulled off very well.

Deathdrive is one of those songs that finds itself on repeat, it’s got that catchy quality and Catch 22 is even more so. How this band is unsigned is a mystery to me. Track number three, Half Light is probably the weak link of the album but it’s still an impressive piece and Horizons brings us back up a notch. The album rounds out with Vision and Revival which are both incredible numbers.

The Uncharted are a band with unlimited potential; with a few small tweaks they could be huge in the metal genre or if they were so inclined they could go in a slightly less heavy direction and break into the American market. This band has money written all over them, they have the look, they have the talent, they just need someone to strap a rocket to them and shoot them to the stars.

Perspectives will be released on all digital platforms on September 28th.

4 and a half out of 5. (Revised to 9.5/10)