The Uncharted Release New Video ‘Revival’

Debut EP ‘Perspectives’ Released September 28thThe Uncharted

The Uncharted are excited to share the new track REVIVAL taken from their debut EP Perspectives set for self-release on all digital platforms September 28th. You can read our review of the album here.

‘Revival’ was the last song written for the EP, and was inspired by a passage in The Brothers Karamozov by the Russian novelist Dostoevsky – The profound ideas of choosing to live even if life means nothing, in spite of all the pain and suffering that we face on our journeys.

“We already had the beginnings of an idea for Revival when our new management joined the team. Josh, our guitarist, took these and wrote the framework of the song in a few hours. We all chipped in, tweaked and refined the parts, instrumentation, and lyrics, then 8 days later we had a completed demo. We took this back to our producer, Dan Kerr (Avenue Studios) to record the following month. It’s probably the quickest we’ve ever written and recorded a song.

We’re completely delighted with how Revival came out. It rounds off the EP perfectly and ending with what we’d consider as one of our biggest beatdowns to date. It’s become a favourite track for us and always seems to go down amazingly with our audience.”

Watch Revival here:

The Uncharted’s debut EP Perspectives’ was engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Kerr (Our Hollow, Our Home, Create To Inspire, Shields) at Avenue Studios in Camberley Surrey. ‘Perspectives’ is the stunning debut EP from The Uncharted, that delves into the existential crisis of an unknown narrator, searching for meaning in life while taking the road less travelled; overcoming their shortcomings, failures, and poor choices to emerge from the darkness and mire with true purpose and responsibility, forever changed.

“My aim was to create a narrative that reflected the intricacy and technicality of our music by infusing various philosophies, and ideas within the framework of a traditional story. During the course of the EP, the Narrator shifts through many different perspectives; ultimately finding meaning in life after a challenging journey of self-discovery.” – Arron Carter.

The Uncharted soundtrack their hero’s journey with barrages of progressive, technical brutality, guttural screams, and undeniably huge vocal melodies. Packed with pit-churning riffs, off-kilter tangents, and luscious electronics, this is a journey worth taking.

The Uncharted is a 7 piece Progressive Metal band from Gloucester, formed from the ashes of their previous endeavours, with a vision of combining the best elements of their favourite genres to create something unique and forward thinking. Taking their name from the ‘uncharted’ territory they found themselves in, the band found their way fusing hard-hitting riffs, breakdowns, orchestral assaults and dual vocalists, resulting in a diverse and individual sound that is equally as damn heavy as it is melodic.

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