Ultra-Violence to Unleash New Album Operation Misdirection

New Ultra-Violence album Operation Misdirection is due on July 27th and it’s pretty awesome!


Italian thrash band Ultra-Violence will release their third full album, Operation Misdirection, on July 27th, completing a trilogy that has been five years in the making.  Lead vocalist Loris Castiglia says, “we pushed our music beyond the boundaries of thrash metal and we added new elements to widen our sound. We really focused on the connection between the music and the lyrics, each song tells a different story and some of them mean a lot to us. I’m so proud about how the whole thing turned out and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Operation Misdirection’s cover is by legendary artist Ed Repka who created Death‘s Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy and Spiritual Healing,  covers and provided artwork for Megadeth‘s Peace Sells and Rust In Peace albums. along with singles Holy Wars, Hanger 18 and No More Mister Nice Guy.

Forming in 2009 in Turin, Italy, Ultra-Violence spent a number of years sharpening their craft before releasing debut EP ‘Wildcrash’ in 2012, followed swiftly by debut album ‘Privilege To Overcome’ in 2013. Tours across Europe caught the attention of Candlelight Records and they went on to release their 2nd album ‘Deflect The Flow’ in 2015, a record which saw them take their brand of extreme thrash to the next level and opened them up to a whole new heavy metal fanbase worldwide.

Ultra-Violence have undergone a line up change since Deflect the Flow with bassist Roberto “Robba” Dimasi and drummer Simone Verre departing. Fragore’s Andrea Lorenti is now on bass while Francesco La Rosa of Denial and Extrema taking over drums.  Loris and Andrea Vacchiotti remain as the band’s guitarists.

First single ‘Cadaver Decomposition Island’ is Operation Misdirection‘s opener and immediately grabs the listener with insanely fast and melodic riffs. Loris adds, “it’s my favourite track off the new album. It’s a song about the greatness of nature and the endless circle of life, death and rebirth. It’s also the last song we wrote for the record and it perfectly shows what Ultra-Violence is right now.”

Listen to ‘Cadaver Decomposition Island’ now:

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