Vitja- Mistaken Review

German heavyweights return 7.5/10

Vitja Mistaken Album CoverVitja released their ‘difficult’ second album Digital Love last year and have returned with a fresh offering, focusing on their musical roots and varied personal tastes.

This ode to failure, is a genre defying success. crossing musical and lyrical boundaries.

Singer David Beule has said “Everyone fails. Until you drop dead” with errors piling up like Tetris bricks,

Mistaken is also about depression and society, all the failures. I think if you really know what it’s like to struggle with things like this, or you’ve endure pain, then you know what ‘Mistaken’ means.”

Opening with Mistaken, which is sure to become a live favourite close your eyes and you can almost feel yourself in a festival bracing yourself for a wall of death or caught in the mosh of a circle pit. Its resounding battle cry of ‘don’t give up’ drives us into the second track Overdose (featuring Andy Dorner of Caliban) with its theme of enough is enough and a feisty industrial groove.
The opening melancholy opening riff of Friends Don’t Lie changes the pace slightly, but the epic percussion and anthemic chorus makes it sure to pack a punch while you catch your breath. Down continues the melodic theme with leanings towards nu alt metal .Anxiety picks up the pace with a muscular railing against the demons within.
Black and Blue changes tangent, with its contrasting growling aggression and discordant harmonies. The feel good chorus of High on You lifts the spirits while To the Moon takes melancholy to 11 in a dark brooding ache reminiscent of early Cure.
The energetic Sedamine leads to the experimental Filthy which hits hard and fast
Closing with Kings of Nothing, This is the end of all we know’ this journey has been an emotional rollercoaster and I hope you all enjoy the ride.

Mistaken” was recorded at Sureshot Studios and Shrimp Audio by Daniel Keller and Lucas Kramer as well as the band’s own David Beule (vocals) and Mario Metzler (bass). Yet again the album was mixed and mastered at Pitchback Studios by Aljoscha Sieg.

Powerful, rhythmical, heavy and melodic, is it metalcore, djent, groove metal, nu metal or industrial? Don’t try to pigeonhole Mistaken, simply enjoy.

7.5 out of 10

Available September 28

VITJA “Mistaken“ (33:46) track listing:

  1. Mistaken (3:37)
  2. Overdose (feat. Andy Dörner) (2:29)
  3. Friends Don’t Lie (3:49)
  4. Down (3:39)
  5. Anxiety (2:05)
  6. Black and Blue (3:46)
  7. High on You (2:36)
  8. To the Moon (2:55)
  9. Sedamine (3:01)
  10. Filthy (2:42)
  11. Kings of Nothing (3:00)