Witchingseason – Melancholy Disco review

Melancholy, groovy, QOTSA influenced, party, boogie, discotheque 8/10Witchingseason

Hailing from London, Witchingseason is a power trio consisting of Wayne Summers (Drums), Gary Summer (Bass) and Tom Reynolds (Guitar/Vocals). Forming in 2014, this is Witchingseason’s debut album and draws on their successful EP releases Witchingseason and Celosia. Lo- Fi, with dirty guitars and a powerful and aggressive rhythm section, the unpredictable vocals range from mellow, wistful, whimsy to impassioned gruff desperation. At times repetitive and bewitchingly, hypnotic it’s a very promising album indeed.

Somewhat less grungy than Celosia, Melancholy Disco is significantly less raw and altogether glossier. Witchingseason have gained a great reputation for their live performances and their new material is sure to transpose well despite the heavier production.

Sleep is a poppy, punky doomy track with a tinge of desperation and urgency. It’s a great opening song and leaves the listener curious for more. Melancholy Disco is a darkly melancholy danceable number, I’d happily join this melancholy disco. Snake gently undulates in its emotion. Takes One To Know One has an incredibly funky primal rhythm section, if your head is not moving, please check for a pulse. Very much in an QOTSA style it’s fun and very accessible. You can check out a live version recorded at Tom Donovan Studios and released as Phantom Transmission (Part 1) here which is possibly more indicative of their style . It’s heavier, but commercial doom fun

Afraid Of The Dark Heavy is quite heavy on the compression, but it’s a melodic upbeat groovy sludgy danceable number and is inherently catchy. Keep On Moving slows the pace, with somewhat psychedelic riffs and is delightfully whimsical and dark which build to a cacophonous crescendo that fades out leading into the hyper groovy Syncing.

Kaleidoscope is lyrically and melodically strong, with impassioned vocals. Personally I would have preferred a touch less effects on the verse (or even the chorus) to enhance the raw pared back style. Contrast is cool, especially within the swirling of a kaleidoscope.  This is also available to view as a live recording as part of the Phantom Transmission sessions and it truly demonstrates what a capable and interesting band Witchingseason are.

Wide Awake decreases the pace, its introspective pared back beginnings escorts you into a phantasmagorical peak and bewilderment. Spiders is a high octane party track with many legs and thankfully I can’t hear the spiders crawling! Celebrity closes the offering with a swirling hypnotic ballad which unsettles and bewitches equally.


  1. Sleep
  2. Melancholy Disco
  3. Snake
  4. Takes One To Know One
  5. Afraid Of The Dark
  6. Keep On Moving
  7. Syncing
  8. Kaleidoscope
  9. Wide Awake
  10. Spiders
  11. Celebrity

You can catch Witchingseason live Saturday 24th November The Monarch, London and pre-order their album here

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