Witchingseason release video for new single ‘Afraid of the Dark’

New album ‘Melancholy Disco’ out November 16Witchingseason

London Rock Outfit Witchingseason are set to release their debut album ‘Melancholy Disco’ on 16thNovember 2018. After their critically acclaimed releases of their first two EP’s ‘Witchingseaon’ and ‘Celosia’ the band are finally about to release their highly anticipated debut record ‘Melancholy Disco’.

New track ‘Afraid of the Dark’ showcases the band high octane ability to cruise the fine line between up-tempo rhythm sections and hypnotic vocals creating a beautifully chaotic blend of rock n roll.
Watch it here now

Witchingseason boasts a wealth of rocking talent, gasoline drenched guitars and ‘doom’ sensibilities which are all stitched together with Reynolds coarse and captivating vocals.

Their energetic and intimidating live performances have made quite the scene, making them ones to watch in 2018. The aggressive rhythm section of Wayne Summers (Drums) and Gary Summer (Bass) set the tone, with Tom Reynolds (Guitar/Vocals) Gruff, Passionate vocals and Screaming, Dirty guitar have propelled this band into the spotlight and they are relishing the opportunity.

The band formed in mid 2014, The first batch of “Dark Alternative Rock” songs came so naturally to them with Spiders, the Healer, and Codeine being received really well among fans and industry and the latest album is no different with a heap of praise already being thrown their way after debuting the new tracks at this years Camden Rock Festival.

UK Dates
Thursday 18th October The Fiddlers Elbow, London
Saturday 24th November The Monarch, London

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