Within Temptation release brand new single ‘Shed My Skin’

Within Temptation have released the new single ‘Shed My Skin’, which is a heavy and epic anthem about the changes we all face in life and meeting them head on.

“‘Shed My Skin’ revolves around dealing with inevitable changes in life. It is about becoming the person we are meant to be, even if that means losing people we love, but have grown apart from. Real growth begins where comfort zones end and that’s exactly what the song is all about: if we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living,” reveals frontwoman Sharon Den Adel.

For this song the band have teamed up with German metalcore band Annisokay. ‘Shed My Skin’ thrives upon Sharon’s melodic vocal lines and with Annisokay’s frontmen Rudi Schwarzer and Christoph Wieczorek adding another layer of soaring, heartfelt vocals, the song has grown into an absolute bombastic metal anthem.

Wieczorek comments, “Within Temptation are a band we love and have listened to for many, many years. You can imagine how stunned we were, when they reached out and asked us if we want to feature on their next single – just because they love our music as well! We’re beyond proud about being a part of this amazing song and really hope the people out their love it as much as we do.”

Listen to Within Temptation – ‘Shed My Skin’ (featuring Annisokay) across all major streaming platforms HERE. Watch the official visualiser

Sharon adds, “We like to expand and broaden our horizon, and constantly find new music and bands that inspire us. Annisokay brings a refreshing sound to the table, which we absolutely love. We are super happy that these talented guys wanted to join forces with us for our new single!

‘Shed My Skin’ is the third single of the series of Within Temptation’s independent releases, leading up to an album. Now the Worlds Collide Tour 2021 has been pushed back to 2022, the band remains productive by focusing on writing, and are aiming to release more songs this year.

‘Shed my Skin’ is out on all music services now. The music video of the song will officially premiere during Within Temptation’s digital show Within Temptation: The Aftermath – A Show In A Virtual Reality on July 8th and July 9th 2021. Get your tickets to The Aftermath HERE.