Year of the Knife, Chamber, Cauldron and Watch Me Die – New Cross Inn, London 22/5/19

Year of the Knife travel from the US to show the UK what hardcore is all about. 8/10

Photo of Watch Me Die's front man singing into a microphone. He's wearing a white t-shirt and orange baseball cap. He has tattoos on his forearms and a black X on his hand to show that he is Straightedge
Watch Me Die

Hailing from Delaware, US, five piece YEAR OF THE KNIFE destroyed London’s New Cross Inn with support from WATCH ME DIE, CAULDRON and CHAMBER, showing the UK what the hardcore scene is all about.

Opening the show was WATCH ME DIE, please bare in mind that this was my first hardcore show, and I naively thought the huge space in the middle of the crowd’s horseshoe alignment would mean getting photos would be easy, which it would have been if I wanted to lose a few teeth. WATCH ME DIE did an incredible job of pumping up the crowd and give them a taste of what was to come, although the band wasn’t quite my taste, I ended up being more entertained by seeing the band members join in with the moshing and watch the guitarist flip into the crowd.

Black and White photo of Cauldron's singer.

The next band up was CAULDRON from Birmingham, UK. These guys were the tamest of the four bands, which is saying something if you’ve heard them before. Their energy was infectious and this showed in the crowd’s reaction, many screaming lyrics back at the band as others quite literally cartwheeled through the pit. For a band somewhat new to the scene, I was thoroughly impressed and believe these guys will be one to watch.

Photo of Chamber live. The singer is singing into the microphone which covers most of his face; his forearm is heavily tattooed. He's wearing a dark green Deftones t-shirt and a baseball cap while the other band members are just in shot

CHAMBER were up next, a band I’ll never forget as during their set, my boyfriend received a black eye from an over enthusiastic crowd member. During this set, the moshing guitarist from WATCH ME DIE decided to lend CHAMBER some screams, much to the crowd’s amusement. The entire band had incredible energy and made the most of the small stage they had.

Year of the knife live photo. The band are playing while fans are climbing over each other and up a pole at the front of the stage.
Year of the Knife. This pic is deliberately larger so you can appreciate the craziness.

I thought the crowd would be too exhausted to keep up the energy that was present for the show, but somehow it was elevated, and I was genuinely concerned whether the venue would still be standing afterwards. From the moment YEAR OF THE KNIFE started playing, any space on the floor was consumed by moshers, and I swear everyone from the previous bands were there joining in. YEAR OF THE KNIFE sounded a lot heavier live, but the vocals were still clear, and it was obvious that the crowd were absolutely eating them up. The horseshoe formation pit remained and then grew so the room was filled all the way to the back, with some opting to stand on the merch tables to get a good view of the band without a punch to the face from the energetic moshers.

Phot of Year of the Knife Live. A pile of up of fans on the stage as fans literally jump on top of others.
The longer you look at this picture the more you see

Overall YEAR OF THE KNIFE brought an incredible line up and show to London, and it was refreshing to see a band that genuinely looked like they were having as much as a good time as the crowd.

8/10 – would be higher but the punch in the back and my boyfriend’s black eye took off a point each.

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